Planta Baixa & Cardiogramas
Editorial Design — 2016

This work presents 4 design studios profiles located in the city of Porto - Portugal and interviews their respective creative directors. The editorial construction seeks observe the potential that lies at the heart of these spaces for a graphic expression construction. Traits that reveal the being and the doing of design, the intellectual achievement and expression of an idea that permeates the city through schools and studios. They are receptacles of the world that surrounds them and subsequently echoes, draws, expresses.

We delimit that the research would present different moments for each studio, visiteds for two days:  1st day — A photographed visit to present its physical structure, in a clipping that seeks to understand routines and daily life itself. This aspect we name BLUEPRINT, a reference to mapping and perception of what is more rational within each studio. In these moment they are the walls, windows, furniture, computers, papers, bottles and everything else that makes up the materiality of these spaces. This visual construction uses technical principles such as scale and proportion. It is these parameters that later point out a solution for the delimitation of the final cut of each book, mathematically related to the physical dimensions of the buildings. Although this drawing don't use a technical rigor of the architecture, it makes reference to the style and also seeks to be an imaginary cut of the author's memory, when presenting a collection of everything that was seen and was perceived at that moment.  2nd day — Meet designers, creative directors, values and feelings that surround the work of each studio. This aspect we named CARDIOGRAMS, an allusion to the examination that verifies what happens in the heart. This second moment in each book is an interview with the creative directors / founders of the studios. Within this dichotomy, this is the side that seeks the emotional perceive, questions, inspirations, references, stories and processes. It's the voices that echo within each space, the heart that makes it, in a way, work. Part of this abstraction is present in each booklet. They are printed fragments of the recorded voice itself, transformed into graphics.